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Kelly Bone, CBS, LSHC


Fibromyalgia, FM, is a chronic pain disorder involving musculoskeletal tenderness in at
least eleven of eighteen predefined locations common to the disorder. The symptoms,
in addition to pain, tenderness, and soreness throughout the body, may also include
problems with sleep, fatigue, depression, and overall functioning. As many as six million
people, (the large majority of them women), are afflicted with FM.

FM sufferers often receive a dual diagnosis along with CFS, or other disorders; and many
people undergo a battery of invasive testing procedures in coming to a proper diagnosis.
Recent studies indicate that FM patients exhibit elevated sympathetic nervous
system dominance, and poor parasympathetic response (Gervirtz, Hassett, 2009).
In other words, the autonomic nervous system is not functioning properly. According to the manufacturer, retraining nervous system responses to acute or prolonged stress is one of the things INDIGO biofeedback does best.

In fact, biofeedback has been gaining empirical scientific evidence for its effectiveness
as an adjunct therapy for both FM and CFS. Major military centers are now predominantly
referring patients with FM, CFS and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to biofeedback
specialists with regularity; and it is now accepted that multidisciplinary approaches
which include biofeedback, provide superior outcomes. (Gevirtz, Hassett, 2009)
One study of FM patients, compared biofeedback and Cognitive behavioral therapy
(CBT), showed that biofeedback produced better improvements. FM experts, also
emphasize the importance of multi-disciplinary approaches that are individualized and
tailored for each specific patient profile.

INDIGO Biofeedback offers effective pain management; as well as the ability to tailor
protocols to train for the specific adherent stress reactions of each client. There are
dozens of programs for helping re-educate sore painful muscles, and retrain the nervous
system to respond more appropriately when faced with illnesses like FM, CFS, PTSD.

Find out how INDIGO BIOFEEDBACK can help you, or someone you know.