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Kelly Bone, CBS, LSHC

Holiday Stress

The Holiday Season can be embroiled with stress. Financial strains, dieting and worrying
about excess caloric intake, the holiday blues that follow the season, and family stress
can all contribute to an incredible surge of stress levels. Let’s examine these four factors
and discover better ways to cope

Financial Strains:

In a research study found in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, doctors
examined 851 unemployed spouses struggling financially. The results demonstrated that
finanancial strain had significant effects on depressive symptoms of both partners, which in
turn led the partner to withdraw social support and increase social undermining
(Amiram, Caplan Price, Vinokur). Building and staying within a budget that is realistic is
crucial at any time of year, however the strains of holiday gift giving and festivities can
seem suffocating. Its important to alleviate stress before returning home to your family.
The INDIGO biofeedback system can help you do just that; so you can calmly handle the
financial strains of the holiday season.

Holiday Weight Gain

Stress contributes to the retention of body fat. During the Holiday Season, increased
stressed and over-indulgence can lead to weight gain. When stress is first introduced, a
chemical reaction occurs within the body, namely a flooding of the stress hormone
Cortisol. Cortisol causes individual fat cells to enlarge and abdominal fat to accumulate; it
can also cause the metabolism to slow down, resulting in more weight gain than you
would normally experience when not under stress. In addition, stress can actually cause
cravings, bad combination during the Holiday Season! According to the manufacturer, INDIGO biofeedback can help guard against unhealthy stress induced weight gain and cravings by relieving stress and improving relaxation during the holiday hustle and bustle. In a study group of 75 people, 100% of participants said that after just one session they felt significantly more relaxed and less stressed out. After prolonged use, clients have reported improvements such as weight loss, better sleep and stress reduction.

Depression and Seasonal Blues

And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light and he saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:3 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depressive condition that affects many
people during the seasons of relatively fewer hours of daylight. (Kamstra, Kramer, Levi)
Many SAD sufferers benefit from receiving a boost of energy. The manufacturer states the INDIGO biofeedback system can recharge and re-balance a client’s energy levels, if suffering from seasonal depression. Another study revealed as much as a 34% decrease in feelings of depression, as measured by the STAI, after just four INDIGO sessions.

Family Stress

We have all experienced it, stressful family reunions over the holiday season: not enough
beds, not enough food, not enough space, too much cleaning, too noisy and too many
different personalities stuffed into one room. It’s important to decompress before the
mayhem begins. INDIGO biofeedback stress reduction sessions can have a great benefit
during the busy holiday season; they are specifically designed to decrease stress,
increase relaxation and leave a client feeling at ease with a renewed sense of calm and
peacefulness. So take the holiday season in stride this year with INDIGO Biofeedback,
a true gift for your well being.